We have been developing our own „digi“ product range in Germany since 2002 and letting our manufacturing partner produce them to our specification.

Ideas made in Hamburg

These are our most well known names!! digiETUI, digiCOVER, digiSTRAP,  digiCLEAN, digiCAP und S+MART                

As a distributor we represent the following companies in Germany      

  • Kodak Inkjet Paper
  • Dust Aid
  • Yashica Cameras + Film
  • pacsafe foto bags
  • Tiffen filter
  • Domke bags
  • Steadify
  • GP battery
  • AgfaPhoto Camera + Film

„With more than 90 years experience in the industry, we are a competent link between the manufacturer and retailer in Germany and the international market. Our focus lies in the sector of digital cameras and professional & semi professional accessories“  Our own product range digiCOVER, digiETUI, digiCLEAN, digiSTRAP, digiCAP have been proved thousands of times over. We sell our products to a large range of resellers such as:

  • Photo groups, wholesalers, photo shops
  • Mail-order companies, Online retailerscheck
  • Technical outlets, consumer market, Department storescheck
  • Drug stores check
  • Central co-operation partners  check
  • International distributors check

Our strength lays in the decades of expert knowledge, good contacts to the market, first class distribution, well organised logistics and smart ideas as well as exhibitiors at such international events as Photokina and IFA.

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