Fitting instructions digiCOVER Plus

Follow these simple instructions to fit your digiCOVER Plus :

  • Clean your display with a fluff free cloth, such as a spectacle cloth.(please check manufactures instructions) or use our digiCLEAN.
  • To simplfy fixing (als Anfasshilfe) attach a standard adhesive film on both left and right lightly on the top side of the foil.
  • remove the protective paper from the foil and pay attention that the adhesive side is not touched!
  • Moisten the adhesive side of the Foil or display with water or washing-up liquid mixture.
  • Adjust the foil on the Display. Through the moisture you can slide the film into exact position. (With dry mounting without liquid you must fix the foil immediately )
  • Smooth the foil from the centre outwards to prevent bubbles. To help use a piece of paper or credit card.
  • Allow the foil to dry out until the adhesive has fully worked. (ca. 30 Minutes)
  • Carefully remove the pieces of adhesive film. – Finished.

Tip:The initial shadow under the Foil is absolutely normal and will disappear after a few days. This is normal and not faulty material.
We accept no responsibility for mis-use.