What is digiCOVER

More than 1 Millon digiCOVER made in Germany

Our digiCOVER Monitor- or display protection foil are more than a simple foil. They protect your display and retain the touch screen sensitivity. they still retain the brilliant colours, fit exactly, permanent and removeable without leaving residue. All digiCOVER are easily bubble free mountable and extremely resilient.

The best foils are those that that are not visible. Our digiCOVER fill this criteria.

We supply digiCOVER in 2 different material:

digiCOVER Premium: Improves the viewing from backlighting. With modern high resolution displays backlight reflection, annoying fingerprints are visible. Our digiCOVER Premium is an Antireflex-Foil. Disturbing fingermarks or other dirt will be minimised.

digiCOVER Basic : Our digiCOVER Basic Foil is practically invisible. A protective foil which brings no optical difference. It is easily and bubble free mountable and removeable without leaving residue.

digiCOVER is available in both inch or exact fitting sizes.